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 Subject : Personal History, by Don Olander, AROW Components & Fasteners.. 10/27/2011 04:18:59 PM 

July 29, 1976

My entry into the wonderful world of fasteners began in 1964, at the Stanscrew Div. of Stanadyne Corp. in Bellwood, Illinois. I can still hear the thunderous sound of the five station, one-inch diameter, bolt maker, busily producing hi-strength cap screws for the Caterpillar Tractor Company. I worked with talented people, such as Marty Sorenson, Bob Stuart, and Bob Holmes.

In 1965, I was reassigned to the Los Angeles service center to join Jim Hooper and Tom Schneider. One of our top distributors was Mel Kirsner, in San Diego.

In 1966, I was transferred to San Francisco to work with Earl Carroll. One of our local distributors was Phil Olander. Paul Rees later replaced me in San Francisco.

In 1967, I had the opportunity to transfer to Portland, Oregon. I had the privilege of working with great distributor people, such as Dave Kendall and Jim Colbert.

In 1968, Paul Rees asked me to relocate to Metals Supply in Oakland, California. I worked with first-rate individuals, such as Bill Gennoy, and Aaron Anderson.

In 1969, I joined the National Screw & Mfg. Co. in South San Francisco. I reported to John Dooley, in Los Angeles. This experience led to another company transfer back to Chicago, where I worked with Ward Kelley, Lenny Dantino and Jim Kerr.

In 1970, I accepted a position with Pan American Screw in Jacksonville, Florida, where I worked with Roger Fischer, Dallas Clapsaddle, and Ned Nicholson.

In 1971, I joined Paul Rees, Earl Carroll, and Aaron Anderson, at Sloss Fasteners in Oakland, California. I had the opportunity to work with outstanding suppliers, such as Art Bremner, Bob Lehman, Eric Cohn, and Ira Shushan.

In 1976, Paul Rees, Aaron Anderson, and myself, formed ARO Fasteners Inc. in Hayward, California. The name was later changed to AROW Fasteners, Inc. and then to AROW Components & Fasteners, Inc. The business grew from the original three "Musketeers", to a staff of 65 people. A Southern California branch was opened in 1983. In late 1989, the company was purchased by John Mizutani. Paul Rees and I elected to stay with the company. The company is still run with the same business philosophy that contributed to its initial and present success: "Provide each customer with outstanding Quality Products and Service".

The fastener industry still offers many opportunities for dedicated employees and business owners. Although the technical aspects of the industry have changed, good common sense will continue to prevail. It has been both an honor, and a privilege, to be associated with the fastener distribution industry.
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