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 Subject : Personal History, by Jim Colbert, Viking Bolt.. 10/27/2011 03:57:25 PM 

March 21, 1996

Dear Bobby:

I recall, that at the WAFD conference in Rancho Bernardo two weeks ago, I promised that I would send you a history of my experience in the fastener industry. I would like to point out, I made this promise under the influence of too much "Kendall Jackson" wine, that your husband, Jim, forced me to consume. However, a promise is a promise, so here it is.

October, 1958 - PORTLAND SCREW CO. - Portland, Oregon
Started as delivery driver. In those days, a keg of fasteners weighed at least twice as much as me. Then to warehouse... then to office, worked under Dave Kendall's supervision. I have always felt that I was very instrumental in making him the success he is today!!!!!

May, 1964 - SALEM FASTENERS - Salem, Oregon
Opened Salem Fasteners as a division of Portland Screw Co. Sharon and I were married on a Saturday, and we opened Salem Fasteners on a Monday. You can see how much time Dave gave me off for our honeymoon. The main reason for opening Salem Fasteners, was that Dave was afraid I was going to take his job at Portland Screw...which was true.

March, 1966 - WILLAMETTE SCREW CO. - Salem, Oregon
I felt that after almost 8 years, Dave should be able to "survive" without any more help from me, although I realized later that was very difficult. I have advised him on many issues since, which I am sure has been very helpful. Willamette Screw was formed by Leonard DeFrancisco, Gordon Glanz and myself.

February, 1969 - CORTLAND FASTENERS - Cortland, New York
I formed Cortland Fasteners for the purpose of supplying Overhead Door Corporation specialized packaged fasteners for their New York and Pennsylvania manufacturing plants.

February, 1974 - SPARKS-WAGNER - Portland, Oregon
Worked inside sales. Was very educational.

November, 1975 - FASTENER SUPPLY - Portland, Oregon
Formed Fastener Supply with Custom Stamping & Mfg. Custom Stamping wanted to supply Overhead Door on the West Coast, similar to what I did on the East Coast with Cortland Fasteners. They did benefit from my knowledge and experience in that field.

January, 1977 - INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS - Portland, Oregon
Joined Fred Hieter, who was the owner at that time. A tremendous experience. Everyone that knows Fred can relate to that.

July, 1979 - BEAVER BOLT, INC. - Portland, Oregon
Jane Grecco, Dan Allen, and I decided it was time for us to do something on our own, so we formed Beaver Bolt. For personal reasons, in December of 1990, I exercised my option to leave Beaver Bolt and formed Viking Bolt.

January, 1991 - VIKING BOLT, INC. - Portland, Oregon
As you can see, Bobby, I have made the rounds. But I can say, with absolute certainty, Viking Bolt is the end of the trail. I truly love this company, this industry, and the Western Association of Fastener Distributors. I feel very privileged to be a member of this association.

I look forward to the conference in White Fish, Montana in August. If you hear of a good job opening, let me know (JUST JOKING!).

Best regards,
Jim Colbert
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