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 Subject : Personal History, by Mark Beaty, Beawest Fasteners.. 10/27/2011 03:54:33 PM 
Mark Beaty
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August 17, 1995

I started my fastener career with John Ferine Co. when I was 19 years old. I worked there approximately 8-1/2 to 9 years. During that time I started in the warehouse, drove trucks, worked the order desk and ended up in outside sales. I was let go after about 1-1/2 to 2 years in outside sales.

I then went to work for Beaver Bolt and helped run a small warehouse in Seattle. During the time with Beaver Bolt I really felt like I got a taste of what it took to run a business. I really feel I had some of the best people in the industry at this time helping me try and get a branch off the ground.

During this time I felt that I was not really taking any direction with my life when it came to business. After I left Beaver Bolt, my wife and I started Bea-Mar Fasteners. It took Susan and myself approximately two weeks to set up shop. That means a warehouse, phone, one desk, a truck and invoices printed up.

During this time I touched base with a few customers. I only left out the most important part of starting up a business — suppliers!

I started this running to the bank and negotiating a line of credit. As you can guess, Mark and Susan Beaty had very little money. With no money, I needed to open an account with Porteous Fastener Company.

I called Bud Porteous and tried the best I could to try and convey a message that I would pay within PFC's terms. Here is the picture, "I have no money, but I promise to pay your company." Bud has and always been a gentleman. I would say we had seven to ten short conversations on this subject.

After almost two weeks, Bud said as nicely as anyone could say, "We will look for money or payment in thirty days. If not, the party is over."

My point of view is not understanding at this time where I came from, but where we are right now as a company. I want to thank Bud for saying yes when many did not. We feel a very strong loyalty towards PFC and they have made us a very competitive company. We will always remember how we got here, where we're at, and how we will continue our journey.

Fred Weston and myself, about 1-1/2 years later, became 50/50 partners and incorporated. We have been partners for eight years now. We feel very fortunate for where we are today and will continue to try harder for tomorrow.
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