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 Subject : Personal History, by Vickie Lester.. 10/27/2011 03:35:19 PM 
Vickie Lester
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August 17, 1995

It all has to do with Harold Benson. About the time WAFD was getting its start, I was working with Leta Shattuck for the American Association for Marriage and Faimly Therapy. The association moved its headquarters to Washington BDC, and Leta and I both managed to find jobs here in California with the same association management company (Davis/Replogle and Associates).

Leta and Ben had been friends for a long time, so when WAFD needed administrative help, the Board signed a contract with Davis/Replogle and Leta became the association's executive director. She came on board in time for the September 1993 meeting in Salishan.

Working at Davis/Replogle was not a bed of roses, and Leta was smart enough to bail out of that company early. Jean Replogle became WAFD's executive director, and I helped her out. In 1985 , she became less involved in the account and turned it over to me at the August meeting in Maui.

Like I said before, working at Davis/Replogle & Associates can get to you ,and I quit my job right there right after the WAFD meeting on the Queen Mary in February 1986. It was a very difficult thing for me to do, because I didn't have another job lined up. I learned from Jean that she retired WAFD's account with the company after I left, because she did not want to take it on or re-assign it to someone else. So, I called Gordon Arborak, who was WAFD's president at the time and offered to help the association out during the transition between association management firms. Gordie responded, "We still want you!" and with that encouragement I started up my own business, with one account, a typewriter, a filing cabinet, and the kitchen table.

I've since added the Los Angeles Fastener Assocation as a client, plus several other non-fastener trade and professional assocations. It's definitely a full-time business now and I love it.

I also love the special relationship I have with WAFD members. I look forward to being with you at the conferences every spring and fall. And, I appreciate the support you all have given me as I've grown professionally.

Thank you, Ben, for your hand in it, and thank you to the members of WAFD.
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