Meet the Board

Q & A with John Gaudette

Position on the Board: Director
Company: Metric & Multistandard Components - Sparks, NV

John Gaudette


How did you get started in the fastener industry?
Love. When I met Savina she was living in New York and I was living in Massachusetts. After a year of doing the long-distance thing, I decided to move to New York and MMCC was the first company that offered me a job.

What is the best advice you ever got?
“Go west young man."

Do you have a personal goal for 2020?
Clean out my garage! With all the unexpected free time I really have no excuse for 2020 not to be the year I actually make progress on cleaning out and organizing my garage.

What inspires you?
In the simplest terms, happiness.

When you were a child, what did you want to be as a grown-up?
This question is funny to me. I never had any desire for any particular profession, which is probably the reason I ended up being a screw salesman!

What do you do when you're not at work?
I like to brew beer, work in the garden, exercise, and listen to music.

What is your favorite vacation destination?
Nowhere. I prefer traveling around and seeing new things. I am especially fond of road trips.

What TV show did you binge most recently?
The 100.

Who is your favorite singer or group?
This can and does change every year/week/day. Some that I like are The Heligoats, Elliott Smith, Bob Dylan, The Growlers, and Slothrust.

Do you have a personal message you'd like to share with Pac-West and the industry?
This year just like every other year you should face life head-on and strive to be happy and make all the people around you feel happy and safe. And remember, because we are part of the fastener industry the whole world is looking for us to hold everything together!

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